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07 Jan

opening of new site in Trippstadt

As of Monday 01/20/2020 our new site in Trippstadt welcomes you. Our Trippstadt opening times are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 Tierarztpraxis IVS GmbH – Site Trippstadt – Hauptstraße 43 67705 Trippstadt Tel: 06306 – 992 1068 Emergency services and treatment for Trippstadt customers is available at our main office in Landstuhl

05 Jul

Opening of vet practice Tierarztpraxis IVS GmbH

The vet practice Tierarztpraxis IVS celebrated the opening with an open house, serving snacks and coffee to all clients. The owners Andrés De Lima, Julia Klemens and Lisa Hofmann (who is an US national) have worked together at another practice for 8 years already and decided to open their own business. Mayor of Landstuhl Dr.