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Important note regarding coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

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Dear pet owners,

In spite of the Corona virus, corvid-19 pandemic, we will do our best to provide normal services for you as long as possible.
To assist us in this, please note the following about how you can help us all together; including your pets and yourself:
– if you feel unwell or even have symptoms such as fever or cough, we ask that you have your pet brought to us by a healthy person

– if you’re able, please come alone, or at least with as few people  as possible

– we offer the option to wait in the car after check-in. Please leave your mobile phone number at the front-desk – we will give you a call when it’s your turn.

– we will have disinfectant available to all pet owners. You’re welcome to ask our service staff.
Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!
Your team of the veterinary practice IVS GmbH